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Cost-effective, comprehensive web hosting solutions that are built to scale as your business needs change.

Get Online, Get Found and Convert Leads—With Hosted Website Services and Online Marketing Tools

As your business grows, you need a complete web presence that helps your company and brand get noticed, makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers, and enables you to engage with customers quickly using ecommerce, social media and professional Email marketing campaigns. With Krishiv Web Hosting services, your organization can make the most of its presence on the web. Use a cloud-based platform that’s easy for you to manage, and that enables collaboration as your business requirements change. With three packages to choose from, your business can easily Get Online, Get Found, and Convert Leads.

From simple websites to web-based business Email to professional customer communications, Krishiv Web Hosting offers a range of packages that include web, Email, Domain Name Service (DNS) service, and online marketing to help you become more profitable.

We provide the hardware, software, network connections, data centers, advanced system architecture, reliable platform and advanced features. You reduce the costs and headaches associated with design, development and delivery of your website, webmail, and online marketing.

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Benefits by Need

Krishiv Web Hosting services include:

  • Tools that help you host, manage and publish your website online
  • Mobile formats
  • Easy drag-and-drop tools to help you build a website quickly, or options for more advanced, custom builds
  • Mobile web publishing and web management
Web-Based Business Email Services
  • Email from a proprietary system with built in virus scanning and spam filtration software
  • Support for all standard mail settings, operating systems and devices
  • Abundant storage for websites and multi-GB Email boxes
  • Built-in stability, continuity and system redundancy
  • 24/7/365 monitoring by a highly-specialized systems administration team.
Online Marketing Tools
  • Templates for sending professionally designed Emails and newsletters
  • Social media integration and sharing
  • Ecommerce store integration.
Easily Manage Your Web Hosting Accounts
  • Achieve load balancing for maximum performance
  • Protect end users' privacy with security tools
  • Manage your services from an easy-to-use, web-based control panel
  • Add features or upgrade as your business needs change.
Other Features
  • Easy website design and publishing, and hosting online
  • Free Email marketing tools
  • Business Class Email packages with multiple seats and large storage capacities
  • Extensive website storage
  • Website data transfer up to specified thresholds
  • Support for popular, open-source MySQL database coding as well as Microsoft® MySQL coding
  • Social media page tools for Facebook® and Twitter® integration
  • Custom Email and newsletter communications for a specified number of contacts.

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